Kolkata in Lockdown with COVID-19

  • Additional Rations
  • Additional Rations
  • Additional Rations
As with many countries, India is facing a humanitarian crisis. Many are more worried about going hungry than catching the virus.

Kolkata has been classified as 'red zone' and has been in strict lockdown for the past two months. For our widows, this has meant that they are unable to work or beg or pursue any means of providing for themselves. If they were employed, many of them have lost their jobs with uncertainty they will still have them when the city reopens.

"We are only receiving help from you and we can put something in our belly "

In a slum village, our families are vulnerable to the virus, living in such close proximity to one another and many have compromised health, low immunity or respiratory issues. So far, we are thankful that our village continues to remain virus-free despite the reports that the virus is spreading throughout the country with new cases on the increase.

Every month we provide a food pack to help supplement meagre food supplies. We are grateful to our supporters who have generously given to help with extra food supplies while in lockdown. During April and May we have been able to distribute 2 additional food packs per family.

When we have provided additional food packs there was always a heartbreaking response; Our ladies were crying tears of relief and joy. "We are only receiving help from you and we can put something in our belly".

Help us to bring hope and speak love in action.